A Perfect Dine-in

Last Tuesday, we celebrated 2nd anniversary our proposal day. I know you must be thinking that people generally celebrate the marriage anniversary, but what to do..  I think proposal day is as special as your wedding day, because for wedding, proposal existence is a must. Right ?? Oh man! this can be a nice topic for an open online discussion, may be will do it someday in future.

So for the celebration, we went out on a lovely dinner date. My friends suggested few places and finally my search end at this one Fennys Lounge and Kitchen

I have heard a lot about this place, and wanted to visit from a long time. So as the word says – Better Late Than Never and that too on our special day. This place is famous for it’s Pizza and the biggest wine bottle chandelier (they have the Limca Books Of Records certificate to prove it) they have at the bar, I wanted to see that.


pic credit – Fenny’s Lounge and Kitchen

The Decor is amazing, rooftop open area and with rustic sitting arrangements and trees. I’ve never seen a tree in a bar before, and that too a prodigious one, like the one next to our table, and it’s not the only one. I forgot to take the picture of it, so find out one for you guys from google.

IMG_0122 copy

This place is my food paradise, their cocktails, starters and main dish,you just name it … its delicious. We order few cocktails first, the cocktail names are very quirky and catchy. We ordered Bangkok Paradise which was a spicy but refreshing whisky drink having a dash of lemon grass and green chilly and Get ‘Lucky’ Tonight sounds cheesy as by the name but it was yum a mix of vodka, watermelon and thyme and few more to name ‘Ann’cestral Recipe  and Fenny’s Breeze. 


To accompany our lovely drinks we order Onion Glazed Chicken, about which I’ve heard a lot via the online reviews, it was good in taste but does not catch my attention. The other starter we had was exquisite – Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings, look at that it was was juicy, tender and was charged with amazing spices., I can still taste it in my mouth.


For mains, we voted for the famous Fenny’s pizzas.. they have a delightful list of  thin crust wood fire pizza, and best part plenty of options for vegetarian people too. We had BBQ Chicken Pizza, which was simple just grilled chicken, spicy bbq sauce and cheese. When it came to our  table, it looked so mouth watering, that I almost forgot to click the picture of it for this post and cut myself a nice slice of it. Have a look.. Greedy ME.


How could a dinner end without a guilty pleasure of a Dessert?? Beware, before replying to that question – I don’t like those people who are in favor of  – IT CAN, because it can’t, does not matter how appetizing and tasty were the starters or the main course, the cake gets complete after having a cheery on top of it… and for a dinner, dessert is that red cherry. Do comment if you agree with me.


So to end our meal, we order Sticky Toffee Cake with butterscotch sauce, it was yum. I love the nice smooth butterscotch sauce, though they can improve the toffee flavor of the cake. As the sauce was over powering the toffee.

It was a lovely dinner night and I recommend this place to everyone. Cheers to Fenny’s.


Food: 3.5/5

Drinks: 4/5

Ambiance : 3.5/5

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