Happy Doughnut Day !!

On my way to office, I visited Mad Over Donuts to grab a quick cup of coffee and sugar donuts, but ended up buying my favorite Double Trouble – a simple donut covered in Milk chocolate and decorated with waves of white chocolate and filled with gooey dark chocolate ganache… so yum.


When ever I get a chance to grab these mouth watering deliciousness, I always opt for this one. Though i have tried many other flavours of donuts over there which are equally delicious, but the best what MOD offer is the lovely munchkins, which is a form of bite size donuts. They come in a pack of 18, and when ever I carry them to my home or a party it turned out to be a donuts celebration.


Later in office I got to know, that today is Doughnut Day, thanks to social media. And because doughnuts are the new cupcakes, now is the time to celebrate. So, lets dedicate our day today to these delicious soft fluffy babies. Make some at home if you can, or buy them from the cafe near to your house and cherish the sweetness of cute little donuts with your family & friends and of course with a nice cup of coffee.

As nothing company a donuts better than a Coffee.

P.S – Mention below few of my favorite blog links, from where you can get the homemade donuts recipe.

Handle The Heat

Just A Taste


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