Did you know ??

Ctrl + Shift + Alt  do some amazing tricks for techie like me. But what about the home chef’s we also need some tips are tricks to ease our work in kitchen, to make our cooking techniques more efficient and quick. I got some of them pass down from my mom and some i found out recently , thanks to Pinterest. Today what all tips I am sharing with you guys are tested and tried by me, So be assure they really works and help a lot to save time and waste too.


  • Freeze Leftover Sauces in a ice trays to use them later, cubes can be reheated later when ever you need.
  • Use frozen grapes to keep you wine chilled without watering it down.
  • Coat your cheese grater with nonstick spray for delightfully clean, easy shredding.
  •  Microwave lemons and limes or roll them with your palm on a hard surface to get more juice out.
  • Place a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water, it won’t boil over.
  • Put ice cream containers in a zip lock bag and it will stay as soft as when you first opened it.
  • Use Cookie cutters to shape whipped cream on you hot chocolate.

Try these tips and do share in comments if you also have some for me.


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