Lychee Mint Cocktail

The start of summers was pleasant , but now the weather is getting hotter and hotter. The current temperature is 36 Celsius and believe me few other parts of India are roasting with a temperature of 40 Celsius. So what could we do to sooth up our sense from this hotness, make a nice refreshing cocktail and enjoy it with our loved ones on a lazy afternoon.




Lychee is very fresh and light flavor and it tastes amazing when we mix it with mint. This cocktail recipe needs very less ingredients and is quick. Let’s see how we made lychee mint cocktail.


1 cup fresh lychee juice
8-10 mint leaves
30 ml Gin
60 ml Soda
2-3 fresh lychee (for garnish)


In a blender mix sugar syrup and lychee juice well and add crushed mint leaves to it and leave aside.

Top a glass half with ice and pour gin to it. Add luchee juice mix and fill the glass till 3/4th.

Top with some soda to give a great sparkle and garnish it with fresh lychee.

Serve chilled, Cheers!!

PS – you can replace Gin with Vodka, if you like.


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