Delicious Leftovers Pasta Makeover

Who does not love Italian food and specially pasta or spaghetti or in my case instant noodles. These ingredients are always available in my pantry for any kind of dinner.  But one thing that’s always bugged me, there’s always leftover noodles — does not matter whether you are cooking for 2 or group of people, and on the other hand I never came across a satisfying way to reheat them.

So why not make something else from leftover spaghetti. After doing some juggling on internet, I ended up experimenting something damn yummy and it is – Leftover Spaghetti Sandwich.


I left my fridge and pantry opened for a long time just to decide what all ingredients i should choose to make a lip smacking dish. And guess what, eventually I ended up with just 5 items in my hand. This recipe is so easy peasy and a quick solution for a dinner.


1 cup Leftover spaghetti

2 slice of bread

1 tablespoon red pesto sauce

grated or slice of cheese

(type of cheese depends on your liking, i used mozzarella)



Butter, one side of each bread and spread the red pesto on the order side

Place a heaping helping spoon full of leftover spaghetti on one side, over the red pesto spread.

Followed by lots of grated cheese and end with the other slice of the bread, butter side will be on top.

Grill the sandwich and serve with ketchup.


I just don’t know what to say!! Always make extra spaghetti next time just so that you can make these sandwiches. You can also make them with every kind of pasta, and can change the red pesto sauce too as per your choice.

Enjoy and Never waste your favorite spaghetti leftovers again.


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