Papaya Smoothie

Yesterday on Sunday, i woke up very late and very hungry. Din’t have much strength to prepare a proper breakfast for self, above that i was alone at home and feeling lazy to cook something for one person. So i decided to have some fruits first but then i thought of having a chilled glass of smoothie. Just a information for you all i am big fan of smoothie specifically green smoothie. I am sure most of you must be feeling revolting with a thought of green smoothie, but believe me its really very delicious, healthy and nutritious.


Anyways, will talk about the benefits and some green smoothie recipe some other time. Lets talk what i actually had for breakfast. It’s a tasty Papaya Smoothie with some mango and banana. Combination of these 3 fruits make it so vibrant in color and amazing in taste. I know few of you might not like the thought of papaya, as its not every-bodies favorite fruits like mango. Still try it for the sake of the benefits papaya gives us like controlling blood glucose, lowering blood pressure and improving wound healing.



1/2 medium size papaya

1 large mango

1 banana

4-5 ice cubes (optional)


Peel and cut the papaya and mango as nice big chunks.

Put frozen banana in blender and give a pulse and than add other two cut fruits and blend.

(i used frozen banana, as i don’t like adding ice in my smoothie, u can use fresh banana and add ice to chill the drink)

Serve it fresh in a nice chilled glass.


Cheers to the goodness of all three tropical fruits in a glass.


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