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The #FomfFoodLove Instagram Challenge starts TODAY. As a reminder, I thought I’d re-
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The Fatty Bao

This place was on my checklist from a long long time and yesterday it was finally checked out. Yayyy!! And I am really delight that we chose this place for a weekend dinner.

The ambiance is simple and yet so quirky and creative all with the theme of Asia, the walls feel like the scene from movie Kung fu Panda. The sitting arrangement was nothing fancy, just casual looking colorful steel chairs which were looking so damn cute, I am gonna buy similar for my home soon. They have an indoor and rooftop sitting, we opted for the rooftop, as its good to enjoy nature while having dinner.

fatty-bao, menu card

Love the drinks over their, amazing taste and quirky name. We tried Isfahaan (it was a Vodka drink with a combination of Grape and lychee juice with rose syrup), Fatty sour (was actually Whisky sour with a blend of raspberries) and my personal favorite Double Jade (Gin blended with kiwi, khus and kaffir lime)

double-jade, gin, fatty-bao

For appetizers we chose the thing they are famous for, BAO … Teriyaki Chicken Bao and Spicy Chicken and Celery Gyoza which are actually pan-seared dumplings. I am gonna go there again for the Bao and will try all other options, they tasted juicy and delicious.


I miss Maggie noodles like crazy, and when I got the chance to over come that craving in a better way.. than of course I am not gonna miss it. We order three kinds of Ramen, Spicy red chili chicken (chili broth, dashi with meon grass, minced chicken kaffir lime. with sauteed leeks, scallion and egg), Exotic Mushroom Ramen (Mushroom broth with broccoli, renkan chips, assorted mushroom, crispy onion and smoked sweet corn), it was a heaven for mushroom lover, like my husband. Mine was the Lamb Tsukune Ramen (Miso and korean chili paste broth with sauteed spinach, sweet corn, sprouts, minced lamb meatballs and pickled egg) , it was great but too much for single person to complete, specially after eating starters.


Though we were full till top, still you know me… My dinner does not get finished without dessert, so after reading the dessert menu for good 10 minutes, we order one The Fatty Hill – which was a mint centered chocolate pyramid, with almond praline, rice crispies and vanilla ice cream.

I loved the presentation and the vanilla ice cream quenelle, reminds me of my favorite Masterchef Australia contestant – Reynold Poernomo.The dessert was YUM YUM!! Look for yourself –



Food : 3.5 /5
Ambiance : 4/5
Price : 3.5/5

Overall : 4/5

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A Taste of – Phobidden Fruit

My search for a nice and authentic Vietnamese cuisine final ended at this romantic place. It’s as beautiful as a morning dream, small and a very cozy place with lots of greenery surrounding it. WW We went there for a dinner date, and hoping to go there again in a day time just to admire the beauty of this lovey-dovey nook. Continue reading

panna-cotta, chianti

Chianti – Slice of Italy in Bangalore

I love a line which is written on the first page of their menu card, which says –

” Sip of Heaven with a Slice of Paradise!!”

And this place 100% proves those lines. We have heard a lot about this restaurant as being the best place in Bangalore for the Italian cuisine, so thought of giving a shot on last Sunday.

I adore the lovely ambiance with the authentic Italian feel and my favorite was the ceiling lamp, nothing fancy but still so cool and creative, guys do let me know, where can I find it.. otherwise I have to DIY it.


For antipasti (appetizers in Italian) , we tried something fresh , salty, sweet and juicy that is – Prosciutto E Melone, which was actually slice of muskmelon wrapped in prosciutto with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and salad and it was just exquisite.


We all are well aware that, this beautiful food can be accompany by only a delicious glass of wine and we did the same. Oh man!! what a dinner night, mind blowing food, glass of wine and love of my life what could be better than that ?? Nothing … really Nothing.


For main course we order Fettuccine Siciliana, as dish made of homemade Fettuccine which was dressed in earthy tomato sauce with sun dried tomato and basil. I love every thing about this dish, it was fresh and cooked perfectly and sauce was beautifully dressed with a hint of garlic.


We tried one more main dish, which was not very much pleasing, was Tortellini Di Gamberetti. The size of tortellini was quite big and the sauce was high on black pepper and the stuffing of prawns was bland.

How can someone assume that an Italian dinner is complete without an extravagant Tiramisu, though we have already decided that what we want to have for dessert still ask for the menu and gone through it twice just to decide the same Tiramisu as my first choice, but than just to try the other dessert also we order two dessert, Tiramisu and Panna Cotta, both were amazing and soul satisfying.



Rating :

Food: 4/5

Drinks: 3.5/5

Ambiance : 3.5/5



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I & Monkey

Last Friday, being my last weekend in my previous company… I went out with few of my friends for a quick lunch. We choose an Italian restaurant as we all are a big fan of Italian. But the place was busy and extremely full and we end up going to this amazingly clam and exquisite place known as I & Monkey. Continue reading


Spicy Fried Chicken Wings

My office farewell is just around the corner and to celebrate the occasion, we invited few friends at our place for dinner yesterday. My friends are very close to my heart, and I always try to spend as much time possible with them rather than keep standing in the kitchen and preparing food. You know…. I don’t like missing any spicy gossip.  Continue reading


Coconut Macaroons

I love recipes that only take a few ingredients and are super dang easy to make! Coconut Macaroons are sweet tasty little treat made with coconut flakes – really simple recipe, but the results are rich, moist, and delicious! The taste of the pure partly toasted coconut comes through really well and I always make a double batch, Always! Continue reading